We specialize in building legendary relationships!

Creating Legendary Teams

RELATE LLC proudly presents C3, a systematic approach to creating legendary teams. This three-module approach (connect, care, and commit) elevates organizations to a legendary level of accomplishments by synergizing individual contributions and synchronizing team efforts toward a common goal.


Team Chemistry outlasts team talent.


Module One - Connect

Moving from immanence (comfort zones) to transcendence (discovery) 


Module Two - Care

Becoming Compatible, Agile, Responsible, Exponential


Module Three - Commit

Follow - Learn - Lead


The purpose is much higher than the Position.


Other  Services

Can These Bones Live - Retreat

Participants confront the effects of abandonment, neglect, or abuse in relationships and recreate their stories.

The intent doesn’t determine the outcome.

The Skeleton In The Room - Workshop

Learning the ABC’s of confronting and communicating through conflict.


The Balancing ACT - Motivational Speech

Creating a Reproductive  Life/Work Balance

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