Can These Bones Live? Workbook/Journal

Can These Bones Live Workbook/Journal is a practical guide for experiencing Hope, Help, & Strength in Interdependent Relationships. 


The goals of this Workbook/Journal are to relate truths and offer “Life Help” that will refresh your spirit, refocus your will, and restore your soul as you deal with your relationship challenges.  Additionally, this Workbook/Journal as well will give you an outlet for self-expression without the feelings of quilt or judgement. 

Three Key Disciplines

  • Read – Set aside purposeful time to read the scriptures in each chapter of the workbook.

  • Reflect – Become a part of the dialogue.  What is the truth saying to you? What are you saying to the truth?

  • Reconcile – Through prayer seek to align your thoughts and behavior with God’s agenda.

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