About Relate LLC


Relate LLC believes that all relationships matter. They are our greatest treasures. How we view and build them is essential.

RELATE LLC teaches individuals to stretch beyond limits, relinquish unfruitful thinking, expand their vision, and soar like an eagle to legendary levels of life fulfillment.

The eagle signifies inspiration, release from bondage, victory, longevity, and royalty.


With extraordinary vision and courage, the eagle stretches beyond limits. It brings the message of renewed life because it is associated with the east winds - the direction of spring, dawn, and rebirth.


When aging dims an eagle’s vision, the eagle gazes at the sun to burn the dimness away and restore the keenest of sight.


Do you have the vision and courage of an eagle?


Are you ready to be set free, take flight and soar to legendary levels of life fulfillment?


RELATE LLC can help you!

About Ricky Allen



Ricky Allen is a person with great imagination and wisdom. He possesses the unique ability to see things for what they can be and construct practical ways to achieve them.


The Creator of all chose him before the foundation of the world for Legendary Leadership!

With extraordinary vision and courage, he, like the eagle, stretches beyond limits and conveys renewed faith, hope, and love.

An accomplished author, Ricky Allen, presents a unique writing style that is simple yet creative and inspiring. His ideas and how he communicates them offer fresh insight and hope.

A motivational speaker, Ricky Allen is endowed with a communication style that is transparent, stimulating, and inclusive. He takes his audiences on a journey from mediocre to good, a journey from good to great, and a journey from great to legendary.

An Entrepreneur, Ricky Allen is the owner and CEO of RELATE LLC, whose mission is to educate and equip humanity to live legendary.

Ricky Allen is the Founder and Sr. Pastor of the Immanuel Family Worship Center of Jacksonville, Arkansas.

He and his wife Annie resides in Sherwood, Arkansas.


“Legendary living occurs when greater learning results in living out greater purposes, thus impacting the worlds around you in greater degrees over greater periods.” 

-Ricky Allen