About Relate LLC


​We inspire humanity to maximize relationship potential and grow to legendary life fulfillment.

We believe all relationships matter.


We provide practical teaching that connects and compels.

Are you ready to be set free, take flight and soar to legendary life fulfillment?


RELATE LLC can help you!

“Legendary living occurs when greater learning results in living out greater purposes, thus impacting the worlds around you in greater degrees over greater periods.” 

-Ricky Allen

About Ricky Allen



Before the foundation of the world, the Creator of all chose Ricky Allen (entrepreneur, speaker, and author) for Legendary Leadership! His eagle-like vision and courage stretch beyond limits conveying renewed faith, hope, and love.​


An intuitive entrepreneur, Ricky Allen is the owner and CEO of RELATE LLC. Under his extraordinary imagination and wisdom, Relate LLC benefits from his uncanny ability to see the potential of relationships and offer practical and unique ways of achieving successful ones.


A motivating speaker, Ricky Allen is endowed with a communication style that is transparent, stimulating, and inclusive. He takes his audiences on a journey from mediocre to good, good to great, and great to legendary.

An accomplished author, Ricky Allen, presents a unique writing style that is simple yet creative and inspiring. His ideas and how he communicates them offer fresh insight and promise.

With his wife, Annie, Ricky Allen, the Founder and Sr. Pastor of Immanuel Family Worship Center (Jacksonville, Arkansas) resides in Sherwood, Arkansas.